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Monday, July 16
Jessica and David recover from their surgeries; Starr and Cole have dinner with Miles and Marty at Rodi's; Todd desperately tries to find help.

Tuesday, July 17
Cole feels guilty for keeping things from Starr; Miles panics when he realizes Todd isn't where he left him; Vincent runs into Natalie at Rodi's.

Wednesday, July 18
Cole formulates a plan to take revenge on Miles; Jessica worries that her body will reject the implant.

Thursday, July 19
Cole stands up to Miles; Dorian is not pleased with Blair's desire to reunite with Todd; Clint and Viki are shocked to learn of Sarah's connection to Todd's disappearance.

Friday, July 20
Starr is shocked by Cole's betrayal; John and Blair hunt for Todd; Sarah comes up with a surprising alternative to living with her Aunt Viki.

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