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Monday, July 9
Doug and Julie receive translations of two of the early letters; Roman brings copies of the translations to Sami and Lucas at the safe house; Chelsea wants to tell Jett that Danielle is cheating; Stephanie and Jeremy urge Jett and Danielle to wed.

Tuesday, July 10
Lucas and Sami pass the time reading their copies of the translations; Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Doug and Julie read Santo's letter to Colleen; everyone is anxious to get the next set of translations; Grandpa Shawn decides to go to Ireland.

Wednesday, July 11
Tony watches the comings and goings at the Brady pub; E.J. is upset to learn that Tony is looking for Sami's safe house; Caroline tells Bo, Hope and Roman that Grandpa Shawn is gone; Bo and Hope head to Ireland; Chelsea urges Nick to tell the truth.

Thursday, July 12
Roman suggests that E.J. testify against Tony; Anna tells Roman the man calling himself Tony is not Tony DiMera; Marlena visits Sami and Lucas; Tony finds the safe house; E.J. tries to stop Tony; Bo and Hope find Grandpa Shawn.

Friday, July 13
Marlena tells Sami and Lucas that E.J. warned Roman about Tony; Tony ties E.J. to the bed in the safe house; Steve and John rescue E.J.; Kayla suggests she and Steve have another child; Max finds a strange girl at Bo and Hope's house.
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