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When are the writers going to get off this roller coaster of stupidity? They can't seem to make up their mind how they want a story to play out. They leave so many holes in stories that you are left scratching your head. :angry: I feel I need to drink just to make it through the show. They act like we are all on happy pills. Last summer they had a great couple who had chemistry coming out their ears. And they went and screwed it up. They back burned the vets and f***** up a good reunion for Bope/Ciara. Where was the happiness and joy ? They had a blessing after the horrible tragedy they had experienced. They turned the new hottie into a villain. And put the lamest couple back together for round 100. They are better together when they are fighting or scheming. But their make out scenes turn my stomach. I want to watch passion not kids making out. I had a boyfriend who kissed like that. I had to set him straight very quickly. No person wants a vacuum hose sucking on their face. That is what it sound like when they are making out. Ewww :puke: If they screw up the Santeen storyline then I will be madder than h377. :soapbox: Days is on thin ice the will tank the show. If they don't shape up.
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