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Who would have thought...I'm bonding with Dena over cutting bangs! I also have a hairdresser who is always yelling at me for cutting my own bangs.

If DH's blog is a calculated PR move to improve her image with viewers, they are doing a pretty good job. She comes across very real and very likable. As a mother, I can relate to the meltdowns and drama with her children, and I cringe when I think of some of my less than stellar parenting choices. I have one with ADD, and getting her through high school and into college will be a minor miracle! So I am relating to Dena on a personal level; I also like that she is meeting with actors and discussing storylines as I think that communication between actor/writer will improve what we see on screen. HOWEVER, I still think the show is a little boring right now, and I'm giving my ff button a regular work out so whatever I may think of DH as a person, mother and fellow bang-cutter, she still has to prove to me that she can do a good job writing my soap!
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