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May 1 2008, 12:10 AM
Apr 30 2008, 06:43 PM
Um, she says and talks about the same stuff that Ali, Rachel, Thaao, and everyone else says and talks about in their blogs.

Why are people saying this is boring and no one cares? Because it's Higley.

I disagree -- to an extent. I care, sometimes, about reading the stars' personal stories, but can't stand, under almost any circumstance, reading a writer's personal life. Why? Because I'm spoiled by the JER interviews of old. He would just UNLOAD everything, he'd get into the characters' minds, the stories, talk about the writing process, "Passions," how he can't drive a car because he'd be too preoccupied wondering what lives every passenger around him lead, etc. That's what I want from writers. I'm fascinated by that stuff. it's not that I don't care, and I did appreciate the bangs anecdote in this entry, but I love Dena's work this go 'round, think she's doing a great job, and yet I still wish her blogs were more like 60 percent "Days," 40 percent personal, or even 50/50; I'd even settle 40/60. But there's not much reason to read her blog, on an NBC site, no less, if she doesn't talk about the show. Primetime writers spill more secrets on their blogs than she has so far! This is her time to shine in the blogosphere; she should use it.

You really should try and find a copy of Harding Lemay's "Eight Years in Another World" then (actually, I'm a firm believe that it's a 'must read' for anyone into soap operas). It's a full book about his entire writing tenure on AW from the beginning all the way through the end. IMO, one of the most fascinating books about the writing construction of the genre ever produced. I treasure my copy (had to shell out a TON of money for it) and it's something I'll never part with.
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