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May 4 2008, 10:11 AM
Well Thaao may not want to stay given the material he's getting now. Unless he enjoys playing these lame comedic scenes, he'll probably want something more and leave to look elsewhere.

Actually, reading his comments and past interviews, the story he is getting now is probably what he prefers, especially since LeAnn and him are still working together and being given something to do. Plus, he always said how much he wanted to work with Lauren again and that has been happening too.

Thaoo pushed for a woman HW and now Days has one (not the best one but still). He seems happy and it's coming through in his work and IMO the story for him has improved this past week. The business angle didn't come off as much of a farce this week in the studio scenes and it was great to finally see actual movement there.

I think this may work in Days' favor as far as keeping Thaoo. He can still stay in do other projects because he isn't on everyday and he and Anna are getting romantic comedy type stuff and he loves that. Hopefully, he stays and they branch Anna and him off into other stories because I'm pretty sure his status is why they dragged their feet with his story a bit.
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