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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK the bomb stuff is kind of redundant at this point after we had that thing in the tunnel and then the ticking mysterious garbage that Anna of all people supposedly planted in Sami's apt. It sounds like something that may not really have anything to do with the plot but is just some sensational thing that Hogan likes to throw in that day's promos to make the show look more interesting than it is.

I take it Nick goes to Sami to give her the results of the amnio but why would she not be in the safe house and why would she not have Lucas and/or EJ around? I wonder if she moves back into her apartment after they think they've caught Andre and the crisis is over but Stefano strikes with this bomb scare. I also wonder if they will wind up having Nick injured in the blast so he is in a coma or hurt or something before he can tell Sami the truth about the real DNA results, because then this bomb thing actually could be interesting. I don't want Sami or the babies hurt though because if they have put Sami through all this crap throughout the pregnancy to have the babies die NOW it will be even more ridiculous that they wasted so much of our time with this who's the daddy crap.

In any event, yay for more Colleen and Santo.
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