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On Thursday, July 19, Stefano warns Bo that he's going to call in favors to end the vedetta his way...On Friday, July 20, Nick gets a call about Sami's paternity test and is shocked by the results.

EJ tries to make peace with Lucas.

Sami reads a new letter (from santo) to Marlena and Hope.

Max wises up to Jeremy.

DAYS: Tony is Andre!

Anna was right when she said something was off about Tony. Turns out, he's not Tony: He's Tony's look-alike cousin , ANdre DiMera and the truth is revealed ths week.

Feature Article Basic Summary:

At the start of the week, the Bradys meet to discuss the possibility that Tony is actually his evil cousin. After. Steve tips of the DImera. Bo and Andre have a showdown on a rooftop, where Andre reveals that Tony is on an isalnd and the key to finding him is on Bart's back. andre falls, but survives. Roman fins Bart, awhen take his shirt off, discover a tattooed map of an island. John, Marlena, and Anna leave to find a missing Tony. "The last time we saw Tony was in 1998 when he disappeared in the fog screaming, 'anna!' explains Penghlis. "All these years of coming back has been Andre. They dumped on the island." So who died in aremid in 1995? "Well no one did," says Penghlis. "everything was trickery, a kind of of illusion. It was the magical hand of Andre , knowing how to survive and how to disappear."

The rescue group locates Tony, but he's not so interested in returning to Salem. John and Marlena want to get Stefano, and Tony's the only one who help them but he doesn't want to go back. He talks about about how wonderful and simple his life is. He does provide an interesting tidbit about Stefano, however. Tony tells them about a gold key that Stefano keeps on himself all the time and it's supposed to unlock the secret of how to end the vendetta. As for Tony, Anna plants a kiss on him to make sure he's for real. And that persuades Tony to go home.

Second Chances
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