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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Even though I adore mid 90s DOOL and the Tony that existed then I can accept the rewrite that it is Andre. It explains why Tony got along so much better in the 90s with Stefano than he did in the 80s and how "Tony" could do the things he did to Marlena and John when they had been his friends.

I would have preferred that they had actually just rewritten back to Aremid and made it that it was Tony who faked his death then and unbeknownst to Andre he was alive the whole time and just somewhere else in the world when Andre came back to Salem to impersonate him, but whatever... I can deal with this because I love Tony and Anna and care more about the show putting them together now than I do what happened in the history of the show if it is going to mean Tony and Anna togetherness.

The thing is they are not just rewriting so much of Tony's history to become Andre's. They are also making Tony now the blood son of Stefano meaning that Tony and Renee were an incest couple.

And they best resolve what the deal was with John thinking he was Andre's brother. Hopefully it will come out that John and Andre were actually related, it's just that it turned out it was because John was Stefano's son.
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