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I know. I was thinking it should be much worse but I always knew it was something stupid like this. Pretty probably kept the disfigured face as a reminder to Fancy of the pain she caused her. Who knows. All I know is I have a feeling she is working with the blackmailer. The blackmailer always claimed to know where she is and we did have the whole scene where another person tried to throw acid on Fancy back when her and Luis were at the Inn. The blackmailer was outside, watching Luis, and a person was dressed in white inside and standing over Fancy with the acid. Maybe the person in white was Pretty and she lives at some hospital or something. They might be working together. Esme did say that Pretty wheeled around when she saw her. That's my theory, anyway. I mean, both Pretty and Vincent were traumatized as Crane children so they may have teamed up for revenge.
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