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One woman does the unthinkable to give her daughter happiness; another wonders what life would be like with the man that got away; while another is willing to marry for convenience.

Alex offers up marriage to Cyrus to stay in the country, to which he accepts

Marina discovers that Frank called the INS on Cyrus

Matt becomes nervous when he learns that Dinah wants to go back to work

A concerned Mallet, realizes that all is not alright with Dinah assures her that they will overcome their latest ‘battle’

Cassie doesn’t like that Reva and Jeffrey have grown closer

Olivia sets a plan in motion to get Coop away from Ashlee and back with Ava

While on her way to the fundraiser, Ava is attacked by a mugger

Daisy causes trouble when she tells Buzz that Natalia is plotting to break up Gus and Harley; which causes her to quit from Company. Remy learns that Daisy was the cause of Natalia quitting and reveals to Rafe what Daisy did
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