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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: The Bradys converge at the pub to discuss the theory that "Tony" isn't Tony at all ... but Andre DiMera. E.J. helps Bo set a trap for "Tony." Bo goes to arrest "Tony" on a rooftop, and he admits he is Andre, but demands total immunity in exchange for information on the real Tony's whereabouts. Bo gets Andre to confess that Tony is being kept prisoner on a remote island and that there's a map. Bo asks where the map is. Andre sees Bart and shouts, "Bart's back!" before he falls from the roof. John volunteers to travel to the South Pacific to search for the real Tony. John and Marlena find Tony. They tell him they're desperate to put an end to the Brady-DiMera feud. Tony doesn't know much about it except for a mysterious key that Stefano keeps with him at all times. Stefano encourages Shawn to tell Bo how he murdered his own sister. Chelsea and Stephanie discover Danielle is married to a man named Mark Prentiss. A bouquet containing a bomb is placed outside Lucas and Sami's apartment.

SNEAK PEEK: Roman is heartbroken.
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