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Steve Frame
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PF - I could have given him a chance and tolerated the teen stuff if that had not been the whole emphasis. It was the same problem I had with this year and Hogan.

Under Langan during the teen invasion Days became a different show. I know that there has to be changes from time to time but when a writer comes on and changes a show to the point you no longer recognize it or feel like you are watching a new show then something is wrong.

Under Langan I felt like I was watching a daytime version of Saved By The Bell.

Hogan has done the same thing. I don't have a show to compare it too, but it is a nuDays even now with the balance somewhat restored and stuff. It still doesn't feel like Days to me when I watch. As bad as Reilly and Higley were I still felt like I was watching Days.

With Langan and now with Hogan it didn't feel that way. That is the biggest reason I think you have seen the big ratings falls during both tenures.
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