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Blair gets suspicious that Miles and Cole are hiding a secret. Britney taunts Starr that she has a secret about Cole. Little does Miles know, Todd has already escaped! Meanwhile, Cole begins to unravel from the pressure of keeping the secret and finally confronts Marty about the fact that she killed Spencer. She realizes she needs to come clean to the police and expose Miles for blackmailing her. Starr and Blair arrive just in time to hear her make her full confession.

The news that both David's and Jessica's surgeries went well leaves everyone breathing a sigh of relief. David, however, is feeling somewhat guilty that he blackmailed Clint into paying up for donating a portion of his liver. Clint fights his urge to smack David, who gets some eye-opening news from John. Britney schemes to find the exact right moment to reveal the secret that will certainly hurt Starr and Cole. Cole, meanwhile, is burdened by the weight of the secret and finally cracks under pressure in front of Marty. Miles freaks out when he returns to where he left Todd, and he isn't there! Nash hides his own fears as he attempts to dissuade Jessica's fears that her body will reject her new liver. Paige tries to ease his concern and, although she can't make any promises, at least tells him that Jessica's condition is looking good. Dorian and Clint have differing opinions whether they should or shouldn't let Viki know the truth about what David did. Dorian tries to talk Blair out of reconciling with Todd if and when she finds him. Dorian later gets a rather unexpected phone call. Cristian and Rex leave Sarah with Clint and Viki, who are shocked to find out about her part in Todd's disappearance.

Tidbits for the following week: Dorian acts against her impulses and does the noble thing for her family. Viki and Clint are shocked to learn that Hunter could be out to hurt Sarah.


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