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I thought it was simply okay... nothing ground breaking...

I will give them more time...

But I thought other people from GH would be there (like, Lulu, Logan, Georgie, Liz etc) But this turned out to be mostly about Robin/Patrick.

I LOVED Maxie/Coop scenes! They were hilarious!

I liked Robin/Stacey talk about HIV and pregnancies. And then Robin/Jason talk.

Before the opening credits, it was okay... with the explosion and all... after the credits, it was too much same ol' bickering from Robin/Patrick..

I really like the credits actually...

I liked the old lady in the waiting room and I just knew she was going to end up collapsing or something...

I was so shocked when that Barrett woman came to life in the morgue! :lol: Wonder who she is... hope they know better not to recast Brenda..

Anyway, it could have been better... but it's only episode #1, so I'll give them time.. :)

I did like the exterior shots and the rooftop scenes at sunrise! :)
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