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Monday, July 16
The Bradys converge at the pub to discuss the theory that Tony is actually somebody else; Steve tells Tony and Stefano that E.J. is not dead; Max demands that Jeremy show him what is being transported in the trunks; Jett questions Max.

Tuesday, July 17
Jett gets angry at Chelsea for involving herself in his business; Chelsea apologizes to Jett; E.J. helps Bo set a trap for "Tony''; Andre confesses where Tony is being held prisoner; Sami and E.J. agree to work out an arrangement for their children.

Wednesday, July 18
Roman arrives with Bart; John volunteers to travel to the South Pacific to search for Tony; Sami reads another translated letter to Marlena and Hope; Philip plays a strange message for Bo; Bo recommends Philip hire an investigator.

Thursday, July 19
Bo summons Stefano to the pub to question him about the feud; Sami freaks out over E.J.'s resemblance to his grandfather; E.J. tries to make peace with Lucas; Sami and Lucas get romantic; John, Marlena and Anna fly off to find Tony.

Friday, July 20
Anna pulls a gun on Tony; Tony decides to return home; Chelsea enjoys a night at the beach with Nick; Max tries to break off his partnership with Jeremy; Nick rushes over as Sami and Lucas spend a romantic night in their apartment.
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