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In regards to Thursday, I guess we know what that Brady/Chloe rumor could be about. They could be returning for Shelle's wedding. The Shelle fans should be happy and the show could use another big event/wedding. This would mean that both of Marlena's daughters could be getting married in the same year.

Friday sounds great. Abe is due to return in August so that may be why Lexie is coming back into play as that Friday is July 27. She probably wants nothing to do with her family so that is why she has not been with them. Stefano mentioned wanting to speak to her but Celeste wouldn't let him and he is too frail to exert himself over all this. I am so glad to see John involved again as well. The balance is getting better and, with this spoiler, everyone that should be involved is. I only wish they would die Belle/Shawn/Philip into it but whatever. It looks like Sami is going to give Stefano the stem cells so he can live. I wonder if one of the babies doesn't make it, sparking even more tension. A tragedy is supposed to befall Sami so this might be it. As for Nick/Chelsea, I am so close to rooting for Chelsea/Jett right now. Nick is getting to be a little too much IMO.

Sounds like the next two weeks are stellar. Can't wait for Jerry either.
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