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Tish -- All we know, for sure, is that producers told Tracey to PLAY IT as though Vinny were a hermaphrodite. For all we know, he may not actually be an h.m. and the "gift" from a few months ago of an African frog that changes genders may be the real "freak" element of Vinny's biology. Perhaps she actually saw a penis morphing into a vagina and then again, lol.

THE POINT IS, yes, Chad looked down there, which may mean Vincent was Valerie when they had sex (we just really saw foreplay and didn't see a body when Chincent actually SCREWED). Or, perhaps Chad simply stuck his dick in Vinny's vagina, hence why he's trying to tell people "I'm not gay!" without blowing Vinny's secret, if he has compassion for the Vinmeister.
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