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Well, I have never seen a Hermaphrodite, obviously. But I am pretty sure you can't just look at one and tell like Eve did. Doesn't the penis cover for the vagina if you know...it's just hanging there?

I thought it was weird that Eve just looked and was like OMG! But then again, this whole storyline is weird.

Maybe Chad does know and kept Vincent's secret or something? Who KNOWS with this storyline.

Now that all is said and done and Vincent is Evian's lovechild, this reveal saves the storyline A LOT. It explains everything. The revenge on all of the Crane Kids, the Russell kids, why Vincent was so obsessive about Chad, it ties in Evian's addictions from the past. It's actually pretty damn good now that the smoke is clearing. But at times, it really was weird/unbearable. It's looking better lately. I don't want the He-She's mask to come off!
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