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Jul 15 2007, 01:04 AM
Phoenix, thanks. I did miss three episodes this week (sorry guys) but was this already revealed or is this a spoiler (that Stef/Andre facilitated the switch)? And anyway, AWESOME, BABY. THIS SOUNDS SO FUCKING PHENOMENAL AND INCREDIBLE. I mean, rewriting history back to 19-FUCKIN'-85?! That's unheard of! I love it!!!

Although, still. Why should Marls and gang believe Tony if he tells 'em that story, when he's found on the island? I might think "Oh, okay, Tony was switched after Melaswen -- but he's still a bastard!" When you're dealing with twins, how can anyone TRUST ANYONE?!!#$%@$@$%#$%34$%

The Tony/Andre reveal happens this week and there will be alot of flashbacks and discussion of history so that should help you.

Tony was a good friend to many Salemites. They all believe him because Andre has pulled shit like this before. He took over Tony's life before and pulled shit worse then this. He even acted as a serial killer and killed Renee, Stefano's daughter.

Not all the Dimera's were friends with Marlena. Tony was about the only one but they were also friendly with Renee when she was around. Tony is the most notable though.
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