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Monday, July 23
Cole pleads his case to an unsympathetic Starr; Hunter does Miles' dirty work.

Tuesday, July 24
Blair and John find a drugged and naked Todd in a motel bed with a woman named Kandi; Tate makes his move against Vincent; Viki is disappointed when she learns the details of David's organ donation.

Wednesday, July 25
Todd is reunited with his family; Starr voices her concern about Cole to Markko and Langston.

Thursday, July 26
Tate holds Rex, Adriana, Vincent and Layla hostage on the Palace rooftop; Paige has surprising news for Bo.

Friday, July 27
Marty's memories come flooding back; Starr tells her dad about Cole; Nora and Matthew get Cole settled at the mansion.

Source: Soapzone

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