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Viewing Single Post From: The Roster of Known Soap Operas
Steve Frame
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Below you will find a list of all known soap operas from the days of radio through the shows of today. As I continue to search I will add them to the list below. If you know of any that I have not included, please write me and let me know. You can drop a message here by PM, or e-mail me at [email protected] You will notice that I have included some primetime shows that some might not regard as soap operas, and have left off some that other sites list as soap operas. I tried to use my best judgment on the inclusion of some of them. I have also included some British soap operas or foreign soap operas, but have not made an all out effort to get all of them.

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Note: Click on the available links to read a history of the show. More to come.


Abie's Irish Rose; Adopted Daughter; The Affairs of Anthony; The Affairs of Dr. Gentry; Against the Storm; Albion Market; All My Children; All That Glitters; Amanda of Honeymoon Hill; American Women; Angel Falls; Ann Worth, Housewife; Another Life; Another World; The Archers; Arnold Grimm's Daughter; As The World Turns; Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories; Aunt Mary; Autumn Affair


Bachelor's Children; Backstage Wife; Bare Essence; Barry Cameron (The Soldier Who Came Home); The Barton's; Bay State; Beacon Hill; Behind the Screen; Bell Bird; Ben Jerrod; The Bennetts; Berrengers; The Best of Everything; Best Seller; Betty & Bob; Beverly Hills, 90210; Beyond These Valleys; Big Sister; The Bill; Billy and Betty; Blue Heelers; Blue Hills; Bob and Victoria; The Bold and the Beautiful; The Box; Bracken's World; Brave Tomorrow; Breakers; Brenda Curtis; Bright Horizon; Bright Promise; The Brighter Day (radio); The Brighter Day (TV); Brookside; Brothers and Sisters; Buck Private and His Girl; By Kathleen Norris


Capitol; Captain Video and His Video Rangers; The Career Of Alice Blair; Careless Love; Carol Kennedy's Romance; Caroline's Golden Store; Carolyn Day Detective; The Carters Of Elm Street; Castles; Casualty; The Catlins; Central City; Central Park West; Chances; Charlie and Jessie; The City; Clara, Lu, 'N Em; Class of '74; The Clear Horizon; The Colbys; Compact; Concerning Miss Marlowe; Copshop; Coronation Street; A Country Practice; The Couple Next Door; Crossroads


Daddy and Rollo; Dallas; Dan Harding's Wife; Dante's Cove; Dark Shadows; David Harum; Dawson's Creek; Days of Our Lives; Dear John; Desperate Housewives; Doc Barclay's Daughters; Doctor Hudson's Secret Journal; Doctor Paul; Doctor Susan; The Doctors; The Doctor's Wife; Dr. Paul; Dreams Come True; Dynasty


E. N. G.; E Street; EastEnders; Easy Aces; Echo Point; The Edge of Night; Edith Adam's Future; The Egg and I; Eldorado; Ellen Randolph; Emerald Point N.A.S; Emergency Ward 10; Emmerdale Farm; Ever Since Eve; Executive Suite


Fair City; Fairmeadows, U.S.A.; Falcon Crest; Families; Family; Family Affairs; Family & Friends; Far From Heaven; Faraway Hill; Fifteen; Filthy Rich; The First Hundred Years; First Love; Five Star Jones; Five Star Matinee; Flame in the Wind; Flamingo Road; Follow the Moon; Follow Your Heart; Footballer's Wives; For Love and Honor; For Richer For Poorer; The Forsyte Saga; Freshman Dorm; Friday Night Lights; From Here to Eternity; From These Roots; Front Page Farrell; Full Circle


General Hospital; General Hospital (ITV); General Hospital: Night Shift; Generations; Girl Alone; Glencoe; Glitter; The Goldbergs; Golden Windows; Government Girl; Grand; The Greatest Gift; Greek; Green Valley Line; The Grove Family; The Guiding Light (radio); The Guiding Light (TV); The Gumps


The Hamptons; Hawkins Falls; Heart Break High; The Heights; Heinz Magazine of the Air; Helen Holden; Helping Hand; HeadLand; Helpmate; Her Honor, Nancy James; Hidden Faces; High Hopes; High Road; Hilltop House; Hollyoaks; Home and Away; Home of the Brave; Homefront; Home Sweet Home; Hoofers; Hotel; Hotel Cosmopolitan; Hotel for Pets; Hotel Malibu; A House in the Country; Houseboat Hannah; How To Survive a Marriage; Howards Way; Hyperion Bay


I'll Find My Way; In Care of Aggie Horn; The Inner Flame; Irene Rich Dramas; Ivory Tower


Jane Arden; Jenny Peabody; John's Other Wife; The Johnson Family; Joyce Jordan, Girl Interne; Joyce Jordan M.D.; Judy and Jane; Jupiter Moon; Just Plain Bill


Katie's Daughter; Katie Hopkins, Angel of Mercy; Kay Fairchild Stepmother; Kindred Spirits; King's Crossing; King's Row; Kitty Foyle; Kitty Keene Inc.; Knot's Landing


The Lair; The Life and Loves of Dr. Susan; Life Can Be Beautiful; The Life of Mary Sothern; The Light of the World; London Bridge; Lone Journey; Lonely Women (Today's Children); Lonesome Gal; Lora Lawton; Lorenzo Jones; Love Is A Many Splendored Thing; The Love of Dr. Susan; Love of Life; Love Song; Love Stories; Lovers & Friends; Loving


Ma Perkins; Madame Courageous; Malibu Shores; Mama Rosa; The Man I Married; Manhattan Mother; Margo of Castlewood; Marie the Little French Princess; Marriage For Two; Martha Webster (Life Begins); Mary and Bob; Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman; Mary Noble, Backstage Wife; Masquerade; Maudie's Diary; Meet the Dixons; Melrose Place; Midstream; Miss Susan; Models, Inc.; Modern Cinderella; Modern Romances; Molly of the Movies; Moment of Truth; The Monroes; Moonshine and Honeysuckle; Morning Star; Motel; Mother-in-Law; Mother O'Mine; Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch; Muscle; My So Called Life; My Son and I; Myrt and Marge; The Mystery Man


Neighbours; Never Too Young; A New Day in Eden; The Newcomers; Night and Day; Nip/Tuck; Noah's Arc; Nona From Nowhere; North Shore; Number 96; The Nurses


The O. C.; The O'Neills (radio); The O'Neills (TV); Once and Again; One Life To Live; One Man's Family (radio); One Man's Family (TV-primetime); One Man's Family (TV-daytime); One Tree Hill; The Open Door; Orphans of Divorce; Our Five Daughters; Our Family Honor; Our Gal Sunday; Our Private World


Pacific Drive; Pacific Palisades; Painted Dreams; Paper Dolls; Paradise Bay; Paradise Beach; Paradise Falls; Party of Five; Pasadena; Passions; Peggy's Doctor; Pepper Young's Family; Perry Mason (radio); Peyton Place; Popular; Port Charles; Portia Faces Life (radio); Portia Faces Life (TV); Possession; The Power, The Passion; Pretty Kitty Kelly; Prime Time; Prisoner (Cell Block H); Private Lives of Ethel & Albert


Queer As Folk


Real Folks; Real Life Stories; Red Davis; Rescue Me; The Restless Years; Return to Eden; Return to Peyton Place; Revelations; Rich Man's Darling; Richmond Hill; The Right to Happiness; The Rise of the Goldbergs; Rituals; River City; Riverdale; The Road of Life (radio); The Road of Life (TV); Rockland County; Romance; Romance Isle; The Romance of Helen Trent; Rooms; Rose of My Dreams; Rosemary; The Round Table; Ryan's Hope


Santa Barbara; Savannah; Scarlett Hill; Scattergood Baines; Scripts & Scruples; Search For Tomorrow; Second Chances; Second Husband; The Second Mrs. Burton; Second Spring; The Secret Life of Us; The Secrets of Lake Success; The Secrets of Midland Heights; The Secret Storm; The Seeking Heart; Sex and the City; Sheer Romance; Shortland Street; Si & Elmer; Sisters; Six Feet Under; Skyways; The Smith Family; Snow Village; Soap; Soap on the Ranger; Society Girl; Somerset; Something in the Air; Song of a Stranger; Song of the City; Sons and Daughters; Springhill; Spyder Games; Starting Out; Stella Dallas; Stepmother; Stories America Loves (Kitty Foyle); The Story of Bess Johnson; The Story of Holly Sloan; The Story of Mary Marlin; Story of Mryt & Margie; The Story of Peter Grey; Strange Paradise; The Strange Romance of Evelyn Winters; Studio 5-B; Sue and Irene; The Sullivans; Summerland; Sunset Beach; The Survivors; Swans Crossing; Sweet River


Taurus Rising; Tena and Tim; Terry Regan: Attorney At Law; Texas; These Are My Children; This Changing World; This Day is Ours; This Is Nora Drake; This Life Is Mine; This Small Town; Those Happy Gilmans; Three Steps to Heaven; Thunder Over Paradise; A Time For Us; A Time to Live; Titans; Today Is Ours; Today's Children; Tom Corbett, Space Cadett; Trade Winds; Triangle; Tribes; Trouble House; The Trouble with Marriage; True Romances; The True Story Hour; Twin Peaks; 2000 Malibu Road; Two on a Clue


Ugly Betty, Uncle Abe and David; Undressed; Upstairs Downstairs


Valiant Lady (radio); Valiant Lady (TV); Valley of the Dolls; Vic and Sade


W. E. B.; Wasteland; Watch Over Me; Waterloo Station; Way Down East; The Way of the World; We Are Always Young; We Are Four; We Love & Learn; We, the Abbotts; Wendy Warren and the News; When A Girl Marries; Where the Heart Is; Whispering Streets; Winnetka Road; A Woman in America; The Woman in My House; Woman in White; Woman of Courage; A Woman to Remember; Woman With A Past; A Woman's Life; A World Apart; The World of Mr. Sweeney



The Yellow Rose; Yesterday's Children; The Young and the Restless; Young Doctor Malone (radio); Young Doctor Malone (TV); The Young Doctors; Young Lives; The Young Marrieds; Young Widder Brown; Your Family & Mine


original list compiled by Steve Frame - 2001; last updated 27 July 2007

Thanks to James who submitted a list of known foreign soap operas that I did not have on the list.

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