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Royal Reporter

More about Nick.

After being hurt by the exploding flowers, Nick wakes up and is acting pretty bizarre.  He wants to find Chelsea so he follows her to Vegas where he catches her in the arms of Jett.

He thinks something is going on but he doesn’t have his memory.  He doesn’t know who Jett is or how he fits into things.  Chelsea isn’t happy to see Nick.  They argue and she dumps him.  Nick has an aggressive persona.

Enter Pete, played by Jerry Springer who advises Nick about love and gambling.  Nick wins $50,000 on the blackjack table.  He tells Chelsea but she doesn’t care and blows him off again.  Nick meets a very beautiful African American woman. 

Meanwhile Chelsea talks to Jett who tells her to talk to Nick.  Nick introduces her to China Lee, his fiancée.  The two wed but he is still in love with Chelsea.
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