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A bit more info from SOD:

The Dimera's take Sami to get their hands on her babiesí stem cells. After flowers explode, Sami doesn't want to go to the safe house. EJ visits Andre who puts something in EJís briefcase. EJ goes to see Sami. She remembers the briefcase being opened and being gassed by something and then she passes out.

While knocked out Sami is taken to a private jet. Tony finds out where she is and alerts Marlena, Roman, EJ and Lucas. Sami is on the plane with Bart, Rolf and Stefano. By the weekís end, the plane is circling around Bermuda and Dr. Rolf is ready to begin the surgery.
Shawn proposes to a surprised Belle and she doesnít respond the way he expected.

Belle is hesitant at first because she knows heís lying about the job interview and wants them to be honest first. She urges him to tell her the truth but until she flat out confronts him, he doesnít. Then he makes a good point that he doesn't feel right about taking a job at the hands of Philip. Belle understands and feels guilty for setting it up. Belle then proposes to Shawn and he accepts.
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