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Sami is Kidnapped!

The DiMeras snatch Sami this week, determined to get their hands on her babies' stem cells.

The week begins with Nick realizing that thre are ticking flowers outside of Sami and Lucas's apartment. He pushed Sami back inisde and the bomb explodes, rendering Nick unconscious. roman arrives and tries to convince Sami to go the safe house. She says no, " She's in danger and she's aware of it, but she doesn't want to let the DiMeras win," explains Alison Sweeney.

EJ visits Andre in the hospital and his cousin slips something into Well's briefcase. EJ then heads to Roberts apartment. "EJ shows up and his briefcase is ticking and the last thing she remembers is him opening the briefase and being gasses by something." reviews Sweeney. "And that's the end. She passes out."

An unconscious Sami is taken to a private jet. Tony learns of her whereabouts and alerts Marlena, Roman, EJ and Lucas. "There are scenes where she's unconscious in the airplane with Stefano, Bart and Rolf, and immediately the implication is that Bart and/or Rolf stripped Sami out of her clothing and put her in a hospital gown, but I try not to think about that," cracks the actress.

By week's end, the jet is circling around Bermuda and Dr. Rolf is ready to begin his surgical procedure.

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