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There was an article from 2002 that stated that a star performer made $1500-$4000 per episode. So now that we know, it's no wonder the shows are firing vets east and west.

Here's the update from TV Guide and AFTRA/SAG

As of 2007 a star performer/veteran on a daytime drama makes $7,500-$9,000 per episode.

From TV Guide and the AFTRA/SAG handbook

$7,500-$9,000 are the the industry minimums (Meaning that a show is required by Law/SAG/AFTRA to pay a star performer/veteran actor $7500-$9000 per episode.
A show cannot cut their pay below industry standard. If a star is making 10,000 per episode the show can ask them to take a pay cut, but it cannot be more than $2,500.

However there is a way around paying out big salaries to veterans not in front burner storylines. The show can renegotiate their contracts at 13 week intervals and reduce their weekly guarantees from 2-3 days a week down to 1 day per week in the case of some older veterans (i.e Suzanne Rogers, Eileen Herlie, etc) Therefore the show only pays out 7,500-9,000 per week instead of 22,000-27,000 per week while the actor is not being used.

Alison Sweeney for example. Star performer at 175 episodes per year. We'll say she's on the lower end of the scale at 7,500

100 episodes at 7,500 = $750,000

Sweeney is making at least 1.2-1.5 million per year <_<

God, I wish these headwriters knew the meaning of the word "balance" If they used everyone on cast in a story, at different times, I wholeheartedly believe soaps would see some gains and just maybe flourish again.

Daytime Drama
Director $3,726 per episode
Writer $3,087 per script
Head Make Up Artist $2,271 per week
Sound Editor $1,887 per week
Music Editor $1,887 per week
Head Hairstylist $1,804 per week
Scenic Artist $1,840 per week
Background Extra $130.00 per day
Stand In $145.00 per day
Production Assistant $8.00 per hour

Talk Show Hosts (Per Year)
Oprah 260 million
Judge Judy 30 million
Maury Povich 7 million
Ellen 5 million
Jerry Springer 3.5 million
Tyra Banks 3.5 million
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