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Linda Hirsch spoilers:

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Miles laments his actions to the vision of Spencer he sees and regrets losing the family he so desperately wanted to form with Marty and Cole. Miles banishes Spencer from his mind and is left completely alone in his jail cell. John and Blair find a drugged Todd naked in bed in a sleazy motel with a woman named Kandi. Blair gets Todd to the hospital, where Michael and Viki are shocked to see him. Rex and Adriana share their suspicions about Tate with Bo and Talia. Viki is devastated and disappointed when Clint reveals that David demanded $10 million before agreeing to donate part of his liver to Jessica. David feels incredibly guilty for disappointing Viki, who says they can never be friends. John's scheme to use David to flush out Spencer's killer falls apart thanks to David's new high-powered attorney. Tate explains his sick and twisted mission of white supremacy while holding Rex, Adriana, Vincent and Layla hostage on the Palace rooftop. Bo and Paige have a bittersweet parting. Nash surprises Jessica with a "honeymoon" in her hospital room.

SNEAK PEEK: Todd seeks revenge.
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