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Steve Frame
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They are all making obsene amounts of money but it isn't anything we didn't know.

What is sad to me is that they make this much money but they are still in the entertainment industry the lowest paid. All primetime and movie actors make way more money than a soap star or production person makes.

And any TV person makes less than a movie star.

The only actors who make relatively less than a soap star is a stage performer unless you are someone who can demand a big price for stage work.

All in the entertainment and sports fields now make way too much money.

That is one of the reasons a few years ago I quit buying CD's except for a few at Christmas for my children if they want them. I don't go to theaters I wait to see the movie on DVD and I do buy them but only because they get less of a percentage of the money on DVD sale than they do for movie ticket. And I hardly ever buy a DVD brand new. In fact the only one I have bought brand new in 2 years was the Law & Order DVD sets. I usually wait for them to come to our 2nd hand store or buy the previously viewed ones from Blockbuster.

Even knowing all this still does not change my relative opinion about stars taking pay cuts unless the backstage personnel take them too.

They system is very unfair but the system is what it is. And it wasn't just the stars that made it that way but the producers, the network folks, the agents, etc.

I still do not think it is fair to ask or even to expect a star like Kim Zimmer or Drake Hogestyn to all of a sudden "become a team player" when not everyone is being a team player. The network heads, the producers, the writers, etc. are all getting their big salaries and aren't ponying up.

Fans are hollering being a team player so that my show can stay on, but Drake and all these stars have worked in this system for 20 years. They developed their seniority. They have their homes and their bills that they are in and they can afford because of their salaries that they feel they have earned through the years. Even though it is not fair it is what they know. Where in the world is the money they need to pay their bills going to come from esp. if they are already budgeted for what they make and not for less. I can't imagine it but I am sure that is the way it is.

Suzanne Rogers in her interview with SoapNet on A Day With or something like that talked about the very same thing. She said that when she was fired from Days and even after she was asked back at less pay, she almost lost her home and all because she couldn't afford the monthly payments for what she had become accustomed to. She said that it was very hard on her. She said being back with some pay was great, but she had to make big changes.

Poor Anna Lee when she lost her contract and was cut to recurring lost her health insurance benefits which was very rough for a lady her age. Her son said the firing attributed to her eventual death so soon afterward.

And as far as stars like Stephen Nichols & Mary Beth Evans are concerned, I do not feel sorry for them having to take a pay cut at Days. I feel that any star who chooses to leave a show of their own accord. I know that Nichols did but I can't remember if Evans was fired or let go. The show wanted to keep Nichols but he chose to leave Days. They should never expect to come back to the show at the same money they did before.

In a real life company if you quit, you don't go back with the same level of seniority you had before. So they shouldn't expect it either.

Nichols & Evans should have been given some compensation for their time on the show but not what they feel should be theres because of their years in the business. JMO

So I do agree that the system is not fair, but as a fan I cannot sit out here and judge someone like Drake or Kim for not taking a pay cut when I don't know their personal situations - just because I feel they should be a team player to keep my favorite show on the air. I can't help them with their bills so I would feel it would be very selfish of me to expect something of him in that sense.

A few years back I worked for a small company here, and they got into financial trouble. I had been with the company for 6 years. I was good friends with the boss, and he was in danger of shutting down. He asked me to take a pay cut. I was married at the time and had 3 kids in school. There was no way I could take a pay cut and us survive. So I was not a team player. I had to quit and I ended up working at the job I was with for years before I had to quit in 2000.

Again I say it is not a fair system and the money is obsene. But the whole system needs to change. None of the athletes, singers, actors, etc. should be making the God awful money they do. I don't agree with that part at all.
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