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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jul 19 2007, 11:01 PM
Sounds good. Sounds like Stefano and Andre are really upping the ante.

I don't like Lucas being the father of both and have to wonder if there is more to this. I still have a feeling it's going to be on and one and one baby dies so that no one knows which one survived. Otherwise, that aspect of the story is lame IMO and it takes away from the Sami/EJ part of the fued.

Sami shooting Bart is priceless :lol:

It is incredibly lame if there is NOT more to this.

If Lucas really is the father of both twins, it's way too early for them to reveal it. If Lucas really is the father of twins and the writers are planning to keep it that way then they are commiting a soap opera sin with this, because according to classic DOOL who's the daddy? convention if Lucas is the father then up until the birth he should think twins were EJ's but be there for the birth to help Sami deliver them and then voila Nick comes clean AFTER they're born.

Something I noticed about Friday's epi is the fact that Nick doesn't have the results in his possession but someone calls him with the results so there's a fair chance they can be tampered with. I also thought it was interesting they chose the name Dr. STAHL (Stall?) as the person Nick was talking to on the phone. I wondered if that was a hint that they're still STALLING in revealing the true paternity of the twins.

I think they'll cop out and do the one and one as I think that was the whole point of Sami having twins and honestly I prefer that to any more babies on this show dying.

But in any event, I really like the EJ drunk dream spoiler. That should be a really fun episode. And as much as I hate having to see the gloating Lucas will do about the twins, I can't wait to see EJ's total despair, devastation and vulnerability when he realizes (thinks) he ruined any chance of having a relationship with Sami all for nothing because he can't save his father's life and he realizes (thinks) he betrayed his family and ruined his relationship with his father all for nothing because he thinks Sami's babies aren't his. Hopefully they don't cheat us out of that great drama.

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