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While working on plans for "Cassie's Challenge," Nick tells Phyllis that it would be best if he and Sharon worked together, without Phyllis' help. Jill agrees to marry Ji Min. Kevin visits Jana in the psych ward, and she tells him that she doesn't know if she will survive to the date of her trial. Brad and Logan meet while riding together in the elevator at Newman Enterprises. The elevator suddenly gets stuck between floors, however, and Logan reveals that she is claustrophobic. To help calm her, Brad massages Logan's feet and the two begin flirting. Victoria and Brad amicably sign divorce papers and go their separate ways. Daniel tells Lily that he'd like them to see a couples' counselor and he has set up an appointment for them for tomorrow night. When Lily and Daniel return home, they are stunned to find their apartment ransacked and Devon lying unconscious on the floor. Cane confronts Amber, saying that he knows that their marriage isn't real and that she tricked him. When Amber disappears, Cane, Daniel and Kevin team up to look for her.

SNEAK PEEK: Victor orders Niki out of his life.

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