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Kevin continues to show his signs of hatefulness towards Jana

Jill accepts Ji Min's marriage proposal

Nick confides in Sharon about his parents possible split up. Sharon says she thinks that Victor can't handle Nikki's new found independence

Carson tells Cane and Amber that Plum is dead

Sharon and Nick tell Phyllis that they can handle the benefit on their own as she has her upcoming trial to deal with

Phyllis warns Jack about Nick and Sharon becoming close again

Phyllis realizes that Nick purposely schedule Cassie's benefit when he knew Jack would be out of town

Cane learns of Jill and Ji Min's engagement

Jack asks Sharon to reschedule the benefit so he can come. Sharon says she will ask Nick to try and reschedule it

Kevin, Amber and Daniel fear that Carson ID'd Plum body

Cane learns that Amber was around the whole time that Jill started looking for him

Cane reports that methane gas has been found at Clear Springs.

Sharon and Phyllis get into a huge argument with Jack in the middle of it all

Daniel hires Michael as his lawyer

Jack finds out that Nick lied about the dates for the benefit

Michael gets the charges against Daniel dropped

Michael and Gloria worry that Kevin is too becoming obsessed with Jana

Jack tells Sharon he wants the benefit to be held at the Abbot home. Sharon loves the idea and Jack stares at Nick knowing this ruins his plans

Next - Brad is with Logan, she believes he is blaming Phyllis for his ONS with Sharon. Victor tells Nikki that his company is no longer funding her development project
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