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All My Children

Created by: Agnes Nixon
Producer: Bud Kloss
Directors: Jack Coffey, Del Hughes, and Henry Kaplan
Writers: Agnes Nixon, Wisner Washam, Jack Wood, Mary K Wells, Ken Harvey, Cathy Chicos & William Delligan

Another World

Executive Producer: Paul Rauch
Producers: Mary S Bonner & Joseph Willmore
Directors: Ira Cirker, Melvin Bernhardt, & Paul Lammers
Writers: Harding Lemay & David Robinson

As the World Turns

Executive Producer: Joe Rothenberger
Producer: Arthur Richards
Writers: Robert Soderberg, Edith Sommer, Ralph Ellis, Eugenie Hunt, Ted Apstein, & Gillian Spencer

The Doctors

Producer: Chuck Weiss
Directors: Gary Bowen & Ivan Cury
Writer: Linda Grover

The Edge of Night

Producer: Erwin W Nicholson
Directors: John Sedwick & Richard Pepperman
Writers: Henry Slesar & Steve Lehrman

For Richer,For Poorer

Created by: Harding Lemay
Executive Producer: Paul Rauch
Directors: Jack Hofsiss & Barnet Kellman
Writer: Tom King

Guiding Light

Executive Producer: Allen M Potter
Producer: Leslie Kwartin
Writers: Jerome and Bridget Dobson, Virginia McDonnell, Nancy Ford, Jean Rouverol, Bob and Phyllis White

Love of Life

Producer: Jean Arley
Director: Larry Auerbach
Writer: Gabrielle Upton

One Life to Live

Created by: Agnes Nixon
Producer: Joseph Stuart
Directors: Norman Hall, Peter Miner, & David Pressman
Writers: Gordon Russell, Sam Hall, Peggy O'Shea, Lainie Bartram, Marisa Gioffre, & Don Wallace

Ryans Hope

Created by: Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer
Producer: Eileen Barrett
Directors: Jerry Evans & Lela Swift
Writers: Claire Labine, Paul Avila Mayer, Mary Munisteri, Judith Pinkster, & Jeffrey Lane

Search For Tomorrow

Executive Producer: Mary Ellis-Bunim
Directors: Ned Stark & Bob Schwarz
Writers: Henry Slesar, Chuck and Patti DiCenzo, & Sam Reese

Note: I have this info in an old Daytime TV Magazine. Due to things I will not go into here, the California soap operas from daytime were left off this list. I will look that magazine up and try to add Days, GH, & Y&R later.

Coming soon: I just recently purchased from Ebay a 1974 issue of Daytime TV magazine. I will try to add 1974 cast lists and scan a few articles from the magazine for all to peruse.
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