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Monday, July 23
Nick pushes Sami back into her apartment before the bomb explodes; Hope tells Nick that Chelsea is headed to Las Vegas; Max refuses to show Jeremy the designer clothes; Bo and Hope look over more letters; Colleen and Santo meet on the Irish shore.

Tuesday, July 24
Roman urges Sami and Lucas to move back into a safe house; E.J. visits Andre in the hospital; Andre plants something in E.J.'s briefcase; Tony confronts Andre and Stefano; Bo and Hope make a bet; Jett and Chelsea share a hot tub as Nick and Jeremy arrive.

Wednesday, July 25
Chelsea accuses Nick of following her to embarrass her; Nick makes a splashy entrance into the casino; Max sees someone familiar in the casino; Jeremy warns Stephanie about nasty rumors; Philip and Billie listen to recorded calls Philip received.

Thursday, July 26
A larger-than-life gambler (Jerry Springer) offers Nick advice; Nick proposes to Chelsea after winning nearly $50,000; Max follows Jeremy and Ilsa; Stephanie confronts Jeremy about a one-night stand; Shawn is ecstatic when Belle accepts his proposal.

Friday, July 27
Tony tells Marlena, Roman, E.J. and Lucas that Sami is with Stefano; on the jet, Dr. Rolf prepares for surgery; John sets up a sting with Bo and Lexie; Chelsea turns down Nick's impromptu proposal; Max figures out what Jeremy is up to.
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