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Kendall is told that her baby will die if he's not delivered now.

Greenlee is horrified when she realizes that Spike was thrown from the car.

Aidan traces the call that Greenlee made to Ryan.

Adam saves Ava's life after she jumps into the water high and unable to swim.

Ryan is frantic as he watches paramedics work to resuscitate Spike.

Krystal tries to hide her concern for Adam and gets angry instead.

Ryan warns Greenlee to never come near his family again.

Jack stops Erica's attack on Greenlee leading to tense moments between the newly reconciled duo.

Kendall is beside herself when she sees Spike rushed into the emergency room as she is wheeled into the delivery room.

Kendall gives birth to baby boy who is kept alive by life support.

Zach tries to be strong for Kendall who must be kept sedated.

Greenlee comes face to face with Kendall and Zach in Spike's hospital room.

Zach loses his temper with Erica when she asks that their baby boy be christened right away in case he doesn't make it.

Babe enlists Ava's help in keeping Fusion alive.

Ryan feels guilty for allowing Greenlee into their lives.

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