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Steve Frame
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With Passions time winding down on NBC before it moves to Direct TV, I found this link to some old Passions tidbits. Thought they would be nice for Passions fans to remember. - SF

The Diana Controversy

By DAVID BAUDER AP Television Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - Just after she bought a book on Princess Diana during a visit to Paris, the wealthy socialite Sheridan Crane got into a car crash in the same tunnel where Diana died nearly two years ago.

It was pure fiction - just another outrageous story in a soap opera - but it came so uncomfortably close to the real-life tragedy that NBC is taking heat for putting it on the air.

Viewers called the storyline ``deplorable'' and ``disrespectful'' in postings on the Web site for the new daytime drama, ``Passions.''

It even drew a royal rebuke.

``It is in exceedingly bad taste, and it's totally inappropriate,'' Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, a cousin of Prince Charles, told Soap Opera Weekly magazine. ``I'm not even going to look at it. ... To exploit other people's pain is always awful. To make money on someone who died like that is disgusting.''

The show's creator defended the plot, saying it was no worse than people who tried to capitalize on Diana's death by selling souvenirs with her picture.

``We're taking a part of her life like everyone else is taking a part of her life,'' said James Reilly, the head writer on ``Passions.'' ``We're taking the most emotional part of her life and showing how our character is affected by it and ripped apart by it.''

``Passions'' went on the air July 5, replacing the canceled ``Another World,'' and represents NBC's attempt to draw a younger soap opera audience.

Crane's character is depicted as a friend of Diana's who is disturbed by the parallels in their lives. In a scene during the soap's first week, she is shown driving a car and being chased by paparazzi. Producers filmed a car going into the actual tunnel where Diana died but taped the crash scene in a Los Angeles studio. Crane's character survives the crash because she's wearing a seatbelt.

After the crash, the camera focuses on the book with Diana's picture lying on the pavement, littered with shattered glass.

Later, in her hospital bed, Crane has an out-of-body experience in which she supposedly hears Diana's voice.

NBC executives approved the crash scene. ``Our intention was not to offend anyone but to portray Diana with respect and warmth,'' said Susan Lee, NBC senior vice president for daytime television.

Reilly said soap operas try to get viewers emotionally involved with what's on the screen, and Diana's death was particularly wrenching.

``I would be up in arms if I thought we were demeaning her, trivializing her death or laughing at people who were upset by it,'' he said. ``We did the total opposite.''


Passions' Survey!
NBC Passions Survey!

Passions WILL air in Detroit!
It looks like the article below, which was published today, has a mistake. A few people have emailed me and told me that Passions will air in Detroit at Noon on WADL TV (Check your loacal tv or cable guide for the channel number)


NBC ``Passions'' wane
By Josef Adalian

NEW YORK (Variety) - Several key NBC affiliates appear to be less than passionate about the new NBC daytime lineup bowing next week.

Stations in two top 15 markets -- WDIV in Detroit and KPRC in Houston -- have opted against clearing the new NBC soap ``Passions.'' NBC hopes to get the sudser cleared on another station in each market, but so far has no deals in place.

Meanwhile, two other major outlets in top 15 cities -- KRON in San Francisco and KING in Seattle -- will carry ``Passions,'' but are bumping the network's ``Sunset Beach'' to overnight hours as a result. ``Sunset'' is also being bumped to an overnight slot in St. Louis.

In some cases, the stations involved have never carried more than two hours of NBC daytime programming. WDIV, for example, has never cleared ``Sunset'' and is choosing to air NBC's upcoming ``Later Today'' talker instead of ``Passions.''

Overall, NBC executives expect ``Passions'' to premiere with a 95% national clearance rate. About 98.5% of NBC affiliates carry NBC's veteran soap ``Days of our Lives''; ``Sunset'' is seen in about 98% of the country.

From Shurshots via Reuters/Variety


Official Passions' Website News
From Barbara O.
In an article written by Paula Span, Washington Post. NBC said that their "Passions" Website is being designed to offer supplemental storytelling. On the air, the audience might see a character write the first sentence of her journal entry before the scene changes. On the web, viewers will be able to read the whole journal. The network is talking to publishers: when a writer character completes a book, that book could simultaneously show up at Barnes & Noble. There will be on online store selling products featured on the air.


Passions Time Slot Set
At 1:00 p.m., NBC will air "Days of Our Lives," the cornerstone of its daytime line-up. "Days of Our Lives" will be followed by the new serial "Passions" beginning July 5, immediately following NBC's Wimbledon coverage (week of June 28). This in-pattern clearance strategy allows NBC to promote the soap block on a day and date basis. "Passions" will replace the long-running daytime drama "Another World" which will have its last telecast on June 25.

NBC has picked up a six month option for "Sunset Beach," extending the program through the end of the year. "Sunset Beach" debuted in January 1997 and is produced by Spelling Entertainment in association with NBC Studios.

"I thank all the people working on 'Another World' for an incredible job at giving their audience an amazing 35 year run. It was a very tough decision. However, these changes allow us to take a major step toward putting our shows in pattern, which is critical to our success in this daypart," said NBC Entertainment President Scott Sassa.

"Another World" is NBC's longest-running serial premiering on May 4, 1964. It was the first serial to adopt a one-hour format. It is produced by Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc.

"Passions" was created and is written by James Reilly, who had enormous success while head writer at "Days of Our Lives" taking the drama to number one in the key female demographics. "Days of Our Lives" last year was picked up by NBC through the year 2004.

Thanks to From CndyLce for the PR


Passions to Air Overseas
NBC bares ``Passions'' overseas

By Elizabeth Guider

CANNES (Variety) - Just one day after canceling its long-running soap ``Another World,'' NBC Tuesday unveiled its replacement, ``Passions,'' for the international market.

NBC Enterprises executive VP Jerry Petry said at the Mip television market here that the soap would be ``fresh, hip and targeted to appeal to a younger demo.''

Susan Lee, NBC's senior VP of daytime, went one step further by citing a paranormal element in the plot as a key lure.

The first 40 episodes of ``Passions'' will feature a lot of exteriors, Lee added, including location shooting in Paris and in Camden, Maine -- the locale for the classic ``Peyton Place.''

A number of mainstream broadcasters in key European territories air NBC's ``Days of Our Lives' and ``Sunset Beach.'' But the genre is considered increasingly tricky to place abroad, partly because many key broadcasters are making their own soaps.
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