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Father's Day comes late for Lucas this year when Nick finally reveals the real results of the paternity test.

Nick goes to Sami's apartment and Kate is there. She and Nick have a dynamic that leaves Lucas suspicious of what's going on. Kate tries to shut Nick up but Lucas smells that vibe from Kate; he knows she is hiding something. Basically, Sami and Lucas convince Nick to just ahead and say whatever he has to say. He tells them that it was wrong disgnosis on the test and Lucas is the father of both babies.

The news comes as quite a surprise to Sami, Lucas, and EJ, who is there. Obviously at first there is shock and joy, followed by a Wait a Second, how did you get get wrong suspicion. So there's intital happiness of knowing Lucas is the father then she tries to pin Nick down and get him to tell her EJ and/or Kate forced to change the results and he denies it. He doesn't come out a really say it and takes the blame and leaves. Sami jumps on that conclusion and tells Kate that she's sick of her and EJ ruining her life. So does Lucas.

EJ kind fights it for a second but Lucas is psyched because in front of his mom and EJ and Sami, now what Sami and Lucas have is bonded by their children-to-be.

Sami and Lucas don't revel in good news for long, Roman has been stabbed by Andre and is in the hospital. Sami even says to Lucas that she is so happy that he is the father but she celebrate that right now beciase she so worried about her dad.

And that doesn't seem to be the end of trouble for the newlyweds, according to head Writer Hogan Sheffer. "I always knew that ultimately we would go with Lucas, but there are still more surprises to be had with this pregnancy, " teases the scribe. "This is not necessarily the last word. But it was very important to me because Sami is going to come closer and closer, in the next couple of months, to a huge decision that she has to make regarding her marriage and her furture, and the babies are going to play a big part in that. So, this was sort of first of the first step in cementing Sami and Lucas's marriage, that everything's working for them, so that when this incredible challenge comes along, and she has to make this incredibly tough choice - which I think is going to shock everyone - that stakes are higher."

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