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Jul 25 2007, 06:18 PM
You know, at first, I thought this was a bad idea, but I think I now see exactly what Hogan is doing with this. He's bringing EJ back into Sami's life as another choice, a temptation, using Colleen and Santo's romance as a device for that, with Sami getting into it, then learning about the connection to EJ, accepting the changes in EJ while Lucas is determined to scorn him. With the twins, Sami and EJ had a connection, but NOW, Sami will be tested, because without that connection, she has no real reason to be anywhere near EJ -- but she'll want to be.

That is a good point.

I was disappointed at first too because it was predictable and looked like another copout. However, this also has the potential to be an engrossing story and one of great drama for Lucas, Sami, and EJ. The point about Colleen and Santo is one that makes alot of sense.

I also agree with Steve in that it's a payoff for LUMI fans. I love them and I am happy after all these years they will finally be getting a fantastic payoff and great story potential to go with it.

I can see this going the route of "Sophie's Choice." I have said all along that one of the babies would die. I also have a feeling Hogan is really trying to get Ali Sweeney consideration for an emmy based on all this material he keeps giving her and this type of story could do it for her and several others. We could also have the "Lucas is a Dimera" rumors turn out true during all this too. I am excited about this now.
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