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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jul 25 2007, 10:09 PM
Jul 25 2007, 09:35 PM
Jul 25 2007, 06:44 PM
Jul 25 2007, 06:01 PM
I am so happy. The babies better stay Lucas'. To have them be the babies of a rapist would be horrid story telling.


And it is wonderful too since we've watched Lucas & Sami first be co-conspirators, turned enemies, turned friends, turned lovers, back to enemies, back to lovers, etc. for so many years. It is such a wonderful pay off for their history and for their great chemistry as well.

For once it is time to not let the "supposedly conformed" rapist win in soaps.

You complain about a rapist winning on a soap with a Luke and Laura banner attached to your post? I must say the selective morality when it comes to soap opera fandom never ceases to amaze me.

Excuse me.

Before you accuse me of something you might ask how I felt about the Luke rape of Laura. From day one I always acknowledged it was a rape. I loved Luke & Laura but I never once bought the fact that it was seduction and not rape. Luke raped Laura just like EJ raped Sami.

I don't know that you are one of them but for many EJami fans they cannot admit that.

Gloria Monty was stupid for even trying to gloss over Luke's rape of Laura and I for one am so happy that Claire Labine (I believe it was her) finally righted that wrong and now even today that Guza is dealing with it too. And I am glad that Luke is having to pay for what he did to Laura and had to admit to it.

Luke & Laura had great chemistry just like EJ & Sami do but that still did not make it right - in either case.

Now as to my banner the banner is not a celebration of Luke & Laura but it is a celebration of DR-TV and the picture was chosen because they are Daytime Royalty and them along with Bo & Hope and some other great couples have been chosen to be the symbols of DR-TV.

Fair enough.

Well I apologize for making the assumption based off your banner that you were a Luke and Laura supporter and venting at you when it is actually Hogan Sheffer and this show that I am most pissed at.

As for my opinions on this issue, they are fluid and frequently change, just as this show's seems to when one day you might tune in to find Sami calling it a bargain and look at the NBC Web site to see it saying that EJ asked her for sex and "Sami obliged" while other days the show has characters making the spurious claim that EJ raped Sami at gunpoint which rewatching the scene on YouTube reveals did not happen at all.

What doesn't change is that I think what EJ did was very wrong and requires atonement and groveling and redemption for EJ and healing for Sami and should not be ignored by either of them before any relationship takes place, but I simply do not think it wrong to hope for nor do I think it implausible or out of character for Sami to not just forgive but fall in love with EJ when she has done the same with her relationship to Lucas, a man who has also done A LOT of horrible things to her out of confusion about his feelings and all for the sake of pleasing a psychotic parent of his. The truth of the matter is that if Sami was my friend in real life I would encourage her to run screaming away from both men, but as these are the only options available to my favorite female character I'll go with rooting for her being paired with the male character who I like better. That is what I am getting at with my selective morality rant.
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