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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jul 27 2007, 02:49 AM
Back to Ireland, once again!

Question, though. What, exactly, is a tabernacle? LoL

It actually has a few different definitions but I'm guessing this one means...

A case or box on a church altar containing the consecrated host and wine of the Eucharist.

As for the Friday spoiler... I guess this is making it clear that EJ's redemption is real, if that was in question for some viewers, when even after he apparently had the dream of killing Lucas he winds up helping save him, presumably for Sami's sake.

I also find it curious that it looks like over the course of a couple weeks Sami will have her father, her husband and her children targeted by the DiMeras and near death.

This just reminds me of this chilling line that Stefano had when Sami and him met to talk about a truce and Stefano insisted she marry EJ and raise her children as DiMeras.

"If I were you Samantha I would consider those that you love, your husband, your son, your father and how far you are prepared to keep from mourning them."

So does anyone else think this storyline ends with her marrying EJ to end the feud? I mean after all, that is all Sami has left as a bargaining chip with Stefano with everyone thinking the babies are Lucas's.

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