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Jul 27 2007, 11:29 PM
Why do you think that the acid thing is kind of lame? Do you consider this to be character assasination on the character of Fancy?

The guest star spoiled ithe acid attack earlier this month, but I think a lot of people had figured that something had made Pretty 'less pretty.'

I think it's lame in that it was built up to be much more. Plus, Pretty's scar isn't even as bad as it should be IMO. I always knew acid was involved because they gave us a hint in February when Luis and Fancy when away to that Inn. There were two stalkers that night. One was dressed in white and the other in the blackmailer's traditional black clothes (Vincent didn't have the costume then). I believe the person in white was Pretty. Perhaps she was in a mental hospital or something because I recall Esme telling Fancy that Pretty wheeled around or something. Anyway, Fancy was splashed with acid that night (I can't remember if it was the person in white or black) and I always knew from then on that had to do with the secret since Vincent may have learned that was Fancy's secret and used it to play mind games with her or if the person in white (Pretty) did do it it would be for revenge. I still think Pretty helped Vincent because he did rape Fancy repeatedly and there had to be more behind that so I think Pretty was getting him to keep targeting her.

I do agree with JSF. Outside of the melodramatic buildup, this is a good secret that is very soapy. The only thing is I don't think it's big enough to break up Luis and Fancy realistically but who knows.
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