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Jul 27 2007, 11:59 PM
Actually, nass, I disagree. From what I read on the boards, TONS o' people thought Fancy fingered Pretty, raped her with turkey basters or other foreign objects or something strange like that; hence all of Fancy's rapes. That was when the big theory was that Pretty was the rapist. Never in a million years would I have thought acid. Had that guest star (an idiot in his own right) not ruined the surprise, I would have been SHOCKED out of my GOURD. Never saw this coming. It's incredible too because it's believable and over-the-top, but not SO over-the-top that it's disgusting and out-of-character (as fingering and raping her own sister would be).

LOL @ an idiot in his own right

I wonder if the producers of Passions are annoyed by the actor. Because the word 'acid' has been kept out of all the spoilers. Only the scar has been mentioned in the soap magazine.

I don't think most of the posters on the board really placed too much credence in Fancy raping her own sister. More thought that perhaps Fancy may have stood by and watched her sister being raped or something like that.
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