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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Stefano hangs up just as Bart rushes in with stunning news: The medical records show the babies aren't E.J.'s. Lucas gets a call from a groggy Sami, who has been dumped off at a hotel. E.J. wants Lucas dead. Roman confronts Tony. Tony reveals himself to be Andre and stabs Roman. Sami tells Belle and Marlena she's going to do whatever it takes to end the vendetta. If her father dies, Sami will make Stefano pay with his life. Tony sneaks into the DiMera mansion and drugs Stefano. He snatches the all-important key, but Stefano manages to grab it back and tosses it to Bart before passing out. Tony grabs a sword from the wall and warns Bart to hand over the key. Bart swallows it. Andre arrives and challenges Tony to a duel, during which Andre accidentally stabs Bart. Tony takes off as Stefano awakens, and Bart dies in his arms before revealing the key's whereabouts. Nick Jett tells Chelsea that he's an undercover agent working to bust Jeremy's smuggling ring. Doug and Julie share the latest batch of translated letters with the Bradys.

SNEAK PEEK: Kate teams up with Stefano.
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