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YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Cane, Daniel and Kevin all decide to look for Amber, but before they leave, U.S. Treasury agent Bonacheck arrives with questions for Kevin regarding a large amount of money he's been tracking. The agent tells Kevin that the money was recently spent in Genoa City. Agent Bonacheck fits both of them with ankle GPS devices so they can't leave town. Maggie arrests both Daniel and Bonacheck, who was trying to get the ransom money. Later, he has Kevin and Amber arrested, as well. Amber's bail is set at $325,000. Cane gets money from Jill so he can bail her out and then tells Amber he never wants to see her again. At Phyllis' trial, Michael cross-examines Nikki, whom he humiliates by bringing up her past as a stripper and her relationship with David. David tells Nikki that he has a way of making sure Phyllis is found guilty: a videotaped conversation between Phyllis and Brad. Victor presents Nikki with information on David's background. He tells her that David has a history of marrying only rich women and he probably sees her as his next big score. Furious, Nikki storms off, and Victor shouts after her that their relationship is over.

SNEAK PEEK: Kay is furious with Jill.
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