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Jul 28 2007, 05:34 PM
What does Belle come clean with? I thought we read that Shawn comes clean to Belle somewhere and he is really the one who has explaiining to do.

Also, Bo and Hope totally wasted their time in Ireland before when they should have checked the local newspapers, talked to the Reverand Mother, etc., but just lost their total brains instead. I'm not thinking this will be any better.

We don't know if they did talk to the Reverend mother. Bo said he was told that Shawn Sr was in the chapel so he probably did talk to her. We just didn't see it and I doubt she would tell them anything anyway. As for the newspapers, they just wanted to get Shawn Sr home and they did not have the intention of sticking around and investigating at that point since they had no leads to go on in Ireland as to where to look for answers.
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