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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Thaao Penghlis Chat Recap 7.28

OK this is my recap of things, hope it makes sense. It was my first time sitting in on one and I must say Thaao Penghlis is quite charming and fun, and it's funny to see the way he flirts with his fans. They dont' call themselves hoochies for nothing (and I mean that in a good way... lol).

Here's the scoop...

-They’re waiting for the Toronto Film Festival to release “The Mirror” on DVD

-Best thing about being back on DOOL?
Everything is great back at DOOL. There are going to be some great changes.

-Does Anna have a contract yet? Tanna love in the afternoon?
No, she will be part of the story, but no contract yet. August will be a great show. I actually duel with Andre.

-“If given free reign Thaao, please set up a love scene for Tanna, with details! We want to see some action!”
I would certain taken her into the shower after the dance. And then tied her to my bed. *laughing* I have a wonderful 19th century brass bed. That would straddle beautifully. Thaao jokes people should go read Harry Potter to take their minds off this.

-Question about whether he likes modern Greek music. He has some music from Crete he’d like to put in a one man show. People would be dancing if listening to it right now.

-Memorable scene between you and Deidre Hall?
More memorable scenes off screen than on. Deidre and I have lunch all the time. A great relationship.

-Dream acting role you’ve always wanted to play?
Probably the Razors Edge. “I love the idea of the unknown and coming to terms with it.”

-Someone asks about him being in handcuffs in Monday's ep and if they thought of her?
You should have let me understand in the past I would have thought of you. I promise next time I will. Now I know.

-He asks if we want some Inside info.
“When I was playing the part of the nun as Andre, Peter fell off his bike and broke his collar bone. So the scenes were kind of restricted. This coming week I get into a disguise I’m not that confortable with. I going to have with it as Andre. Good news is the head writer really likes Tony and also Andre. So by bringing Tony back he’s decided to resurrect him.”

-I’m going to Jordan and Turkey on the 1st of September and will be doing some great journeys. Also, I’ll be ballooning in the deserts of Jordan. Many more photos.

-Someone asked about Sami and EJ being front of storyline instead of vets and if that bothers him.
“I don’t think of them as the front of the storyline. It doesn’t occur to me. You can only really look at your own storyline. I don’t think they are really frontline. The Dimeras are ALWAYS frontline."

Asked us our thoughts on the Santo/Colleen storyline. chat reaction was mixed but most seemed to like it well enough.
“He’s a good guy but he doesn’t have the kind of passion you get from a European.” (i disagree, but fair enough)

-“I do enjoy playing Andre cause I get a chance to be BAD”

Most provocative dessert you make and your favorite place to serve it?
“Not a cookie. It would have to be a sensual dessert. I would have to something with coconut. A rice coconut with very thin slices of papaya and peaches. A splash of honey and a pound of passion with a dab of vanilla ice cream thrown in. And someone to fan you to bring you back from the experience. Nothing small for you. No napoleon complex here."

-Make sure... August is a must watch!!! With the demise of Bart sad :(

-What do you think of possibility of storyline of Tony getting a son, either EJ or Lucas?
“depends on where it’s coming from”

-Tony/Anna love scene?
Right now I think they’re concentrating more on Tony/Andre. The love scenes are coming a little on the ‘old’ side. There may be a triangle between Tony/Anna/Roman.

-What do you think of Bryan Datillo’s resemblance to you? Do you think Lucas should be Tony’s son?
Bryan is one of my favourite people on the show. He’s a great human being. Very down to earth. The only trouble is Andre smacks him up a bit next week. Some good scenes coming up. (omg... yes!!!)

-Do actors get together and rehearse?
No, each does their own thing.

-Advice for an aspiring producer?
Where do you live? You’ve got to leave town if your really serious about your career. NY or LA are the best places to be. Thanked guy for DVD of clips that a fan sent and said it was well put together. You have to be really clear about what you want to do to get ahead.

-What do you think about Billie Reed with Andre or Tony as a relationship?
She hasn’t had much storyline lately but there’s nothing to connect her with lately. Roman is going to go through some heavy times. The focus is about unraveling the secrets between the DiMeras and the Bradys. Probably won’t know until around September. I LOVE working with Joe again though. ‘Daddy’ is just wonderful.

-What about John being Santo and Colleen’s grandson?
So far that hasn’t resolved itself so I don’t know. Where does all the information come from?

-Which languages do you speak and do you ever use them to seduce a woman?
Well sometimes there’s no language… only silence! It’s not always the spoken word. Seduction has a language of its own. When one is eating a very seductive meal… you don’t talk. I’m having supper right now. Along with Martini I’m having pasta with shitaki mushroom, truffle oil with hot pepper and sprinkle of basil with parmesan cheese. Not sure what for dessert.

Lots of flirty talk I didn't recap.

-Oct. 27 Thaao is appearing in Peoria Illinois at a women’s lifestyle show. (yay I might go this)

-Someone asked about John and Marlena and the penthouse and Jarlena+Tony scenes coming up?
The penthouse… they’re going to modernize what they had before. Update it and revitalize it. Not sure whether they’ll be any scenes.
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