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Jul 28 2007, 10:10 PM
Jul 28 2007, 07:07 PM
As for the newspapers, they just wanted to get Shawn Sr home and they did not have the intention of sticking around and investigating at that point since they had no leads to go on in Ireland as to where to look for answers.

This is where Jack & Jen would've actually been useful.

I hope Sami doesn't marry EJ to end the feud. If that's the case I'll always wonder why the hell Stefano didn't approach her a few years back when she wasn't all "I'm a Brady" every 5 minutes.

That's a pretty good point. While I am all for the EJ/Sami dynamic, one has to wonder why Stefano has becomed obsessed over Sami all of a sudden. He's been well aware of this child for her entire life. I guess you could say that is inconsistent writing, but I digress. It could also be that Stefano just wants his youngest son to be happy with Sami because he knows that the the Bradys' worst nightmare is one of their own marrying a DiMera. Whatever.
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