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There are times when I roll my eyes while reading through a chat with Thaoo, but I'm grateful for him. He always gives scoops no matter what. And I love that about him. He doesn't give too much, just enough to make you want to watch.

I'm glad Hogan likes Tony and Andre. I can't see Andre ever becoming a permanent character, but stranger things have happened.

Wow at the Lucas being Tony's son angle. I remember thinking about it back in 2002-03 when Lucas was working for Tony, but I about forgot about it. I hope they don't go that route, but I feel they're going to, just based on previous intereviews about a DNA twist involving EJ/Sami/Lucas. My only problem is that it would once again be rewriting history because Kate and Tony never knew each other prior to her coming to Salem.

As for Andre, he could definitely be Lucas' father. It's a known fact that Andre had plastic surgery to make himself look like Tony in the 80s. Lucas was born in the 70s. Kate and Andre could have been together in the past prior to the plastic surgery, and that is why she no longer recognizes him. That's if they're going that route. I would rather them just keep Lucas a Horton because it fits in with history (Bill's affair with Kate, his secretary in the 70s).

I'm excited for some more Tony and Anna, and a possible triangle with Roman.
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