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Monday, July 30 -
In Vegas, Nick wakes and remembers the paternity test.
The DiMeras learn Sami's twins are not a match for Stefano.
Bo arrests Tony while Andre stabs Roman!

Tuesday, July 31 -
Jett tells Chelsea that he's undercover!
Roman is rushed to the hospital after being stabbed.
Nick tells Sami and Lucas that Lucas is the father of the twins!

Wednesday, August 1 -
Marlena and Belle have a heart to heart about Shawn.
Nick is fired from his job at the hospital.

Thursday, August 2 -
Sami shoots Bart and holds a gun on Stefano!
Chelsea tells Nick the truth about Jett.

Friday, August 3 -
Andre and Tony duel with swords!
Bart swallows Stefano's key!
Bart is killed. Steve Blackwood last airs.

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