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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jinxed Soul
Jul 29 2007, 12:49 PM
I think it has very little to do with Stefano wanting EJ happy, especially since EJ hasn't been very loyal to Stefano. I think it has most to do with the fact that, the Brady's will go ballistic if Sami winds up with a Dimera.

Yep. What better way to get back at Roman than have Roman's daughter marry his son. I can't think of any way that Stefano could hurt Roman more. And I think that may be part of what Thaao meant in his chat when saying that Roman is going to fall on hard times. Not only is he gonna get stabbed by Andre, he could also potentially see both his girlfriend and daughter taken away from him by DiMeras (Tony and EJ).

Plus I still think even if Hogan is not explicitly writing it this way based on the history of the characters I just have to think that Stefano has to still have some creepy Marlena lust in him and likes the idea of his son marrying Marlena's daughter. And of course there's the whole Colleen-Santo romance too and Stefano thinking it'd be what his father wanted.

Yeah the first 3 days do sound boring which sucks b/c the good sounding ones are not always like that on screen.

Even though I didn't think I was going to like Monday's stuff based off reading the previews and spoilers, the clips I saw of Monday's ep (all the DiMera stuff) absolutely ROCKED. So well acted and intense. Hopefully the good performances will carry throughout the week.


The Sacraments, host and wine, are kept in it.

Kind of odd choice to hold the final clue to the Brady/DiMera vendetta. It's a holy artifact, not something you would put love letters or personal items in or anything.
so, I wonder there is some odd parallel. Stefano's incessant demand for stem cells and the body and blood of Christ in the tabernacle.

IMO it's all about Sheffer's misguided thinking that the way to go about redeeming and maturing Sami Brady is making her into a martyr heroine -- from the "ultimate sacrifice" crap that he thought would kill off the EJami fanbase and have all DOOL fans in love with Lumi last winter to this "difficult decision" now that she is going to make that will be "very costly" but end the feud.

Although perhaps that ties into the whole thing where Colleen is also a martyr as she was killed by her own family. Plus there's the religious imagery with Santo's name.
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