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For the week of August 6 - August 10

On Monday, August 6: John gets a search warrant and him and his team barge in on Rex and Adriana. Renee denies Miles getting a room at the Palace, but Natalie defends him. Clint tries to get through to Sarah to start showing some more responsibility.

On Tuesday, August 7: Rex is interrogated by John, who demands answers regarding the forged death certificate for Todd's son. Todd and Blair seem reluctant in moving forward in their relationship.

Sarah finds herself in trouble when Hunter demands money from her, but Cristian comes to her rescue.

In the struggle between Cristian and Hunter, Hunter is fatally stabbed.

John discovers the death certificate for Todd's son was forged and he forces Michael to confirm that the child is really Tommy.

Tate faces his worst nightmare at prison after he pleads guilty to his crimes.

Both John and Cole try to get Marty to listen to their advice, but she refuses and pleads guilty to Spencer's murder. Later, Marty is sent to jail.

Vincent and Layla make love.

Talia invites Antonio to Monte Carlo night, and he decides to accept.

Coming up for the Week of August 13th: Someone will be devastated by John's decison.

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